Reappraisal value of human lives

Sobota, 10 ledna, 2015

We can’t be calm in our daily routine, when last few days hinted us so much creepy evil. I think the time for reappraise value of human lives has come. I am going to show you one of my drafts for your consideration. Islamic state is just gang of crazy fanatics building their faith on us the OTHERS! I am saying this: Every human life could be reappraised depend on how much he is suggestible. Actually it is easy to observe who has similar opinions and depending on how we perceive these opinions (thoughts, faith, or other) aren’t hard to distinguish from evil. So if the gang will grow and if will go by the way that is forcing them to kill others then their value should be negligible. It this cases should court or other institution determine their punishment or the way how to eliminate this problem. I think that we has been quite lenient.

I vote for restruction of this system.

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