Sixto Rodriguez in Prague

Pondělí, Březen 14th, 2016

Time has come and Sixto is comming to visit Prague at 11th of July 2016. He is like Phoenix which rose from the ashes of south Africa. I am looking forward his concert but it is much money for me 3300Kč + train. At the same it will be great concert. I want to recommend you to visit this concert. For me is Sixto shared soul, because I am composing too and I know life is full of themes which people can transform into beautiful songs. I want to remind in this post also name of my most favorite singer who died 15 September 2013 and his name was Jackie Lomax (he was first on label Apple Records). He was not famous brilliant singer, composer and guitar player. Thank you for your favor.

Also I would like to remind you today’s birth anniversary of Albert Einstein.

Your Tom


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