Why I make photos of statues

Středa, 6 dubna, 2016

Weird?! No, really. I started to make photographs of statues few years ago here in Brno town.

Everything started in park „Lužánky“ in centre. There is beautiful fountain with statues of small angels. I must say that I thought it will be nice photo. I made it with colors but much more I like greyscale photo.


Next one I made near to the center behind philharmonic. It is very realistic statue of woman with ancient features.

Soon afterthis shot I decided that I will make more photos. In this time I started to look around and I found many beautiful objects which fill my desire. Also I think so it is not necessary to make these photos only in Brno town. You can see in my collection photos from different destinations like Svitavy, Polička, Litomyšl etc. Here are a few of them.

20160326_125216  20160326_131736



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