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Etta Baker 🎸

Čtvrtek, 15 prosince, 2016

etta-baker-galleryThis name belongs to blues guitarist which I like very much. She was born to family of Boone Reid and Etta Lucille Reid. Her father and grandfather taught her how to play on guitar already at the age of three. She played and composed songs mainly from her own inspiration and dreams. I feel that this is what culture around world really needs. Her first record was made in the summer of 1956. Her life wasn’t such easy, her child died in Vietnam war and her husband died in the same year, but blues was always giving her a consolation.

Here you have a tasting.. One dime blues – Etta Baker

Giving away

Čtvrtek, 1 prosince, 2016

Do you really know the feeling that you want give this life everything you can and more than the others? I had this feeling first time when I was much younger than now, but I wasn’t sure what I really feel.

I can only show you.. the result is on you all.

But it was pure – absolutely pure essence of giving. I know that this feeling (emotion).. who knows.. But it helped me to write my first poem and to compose my first song. Feelings like this can change the world and make it best place for life but it depends on everyone from us. We should act on our surroudings not through our senses but through these fascinating feelings which are in our hearts so deep (you know what I mean). In this age you can see around that words are loosing meanings, because of irony, profanities and so many others. That is not good!