Walking trip from Vasiliki to Cape Lefkadas

Neděle, 25 srpna, 2019

At first I want to appologize because I almost forgot that I have this blog and now I survived a great adventure and I want to notch it somewhere. So how it started..

At first I was planning some vacation and because of I love sea and nature it didn’t took me a long time to decide for Lefkada. Always during planning such vacation I start also to search for some places which would be attractive for me to visit (And who doesn’t?).

I found that on the south of Lefkada island is beautiful nature with a few most beautiful beaches on the world. What is more: there is cape with lighthouse and because of lighthouses I was always fascinated by I decided to spend one day for walk trip there.

So here you have my journey displayed by uncle czech maps.cz (because there I found shortcut how to get there againts the google maps):walk_trip_Vasiliki_Cape_Lefkadas
From Start to „Cíl“ (czech End) it had
to take me 4h 49m and it had to be
14km long journey.

People kept repeating me that there was someone injured by falling rocks and that it is very dangerous to use this „shortcut“ but other way would take me about 9km more and I wanted to take shortest path. So one day I made up my mind and I went..


And weather there 25. 7. 2019 was really merciless (about 40 Celsius degrees):
Soon I was thinking about
I will die there but I was ready for everything…
2x 2liters of cold water
for refreshment and some small snack (salami
and two pieces of bread).

I went for about 2 hours and I got such view (zoom it to see that white point – lighthouse):


Maybe you would say that I am mad, but I love to spend my vacation this way. To touch my limits..

At the start of my journey there joined me two Italians from Rimini which I made conversation with and they told me that they go also on Cape Lefkadas 😀
Even when during my „photo-stops“ they disappeared to me it was nice to have somebody to walk with there for a while (later I got information that they went
a different way than me). So then I walked alone..

And I was getting closer to the lighthouse 😛 …and then VICTORY!
It was awesome there and belive or not.. I met there a few people from my native country but of course they was there by rented car.


I ate salami there leaning back on a lighthouse, made a couple photos and I put my photo from my wallet (as a proof that I was there) into small chapel (or how to call it) under the lighthouse close to the parking place and I went back.img_20190725_130908pano_20190725_122817
Maybe I looked like I was dying and true was that I only had a quarter of a bottle with water and I was kind starting to struggle. There were three cars which stopped and offered me some help 🙂 So it made me start to belive in moral people again. First people offered me to take me into Vasiliki, but I declined because I wanted to pass this adventure by myself. People from second car wass offering me bottle of cold water – I declined because of it would make me to admit defeat. I walked a bit more, tried to pass some path which looked alike a shortcut but I had to return on the road soon because it really wasn’t and I hurted my legs with spiny shrubs. I passed many spider nets and walked around many goats and their poops (there are many goats on this way).

When I returned on the road with a little bloody legs last car I haven’t declined, because they offered me to take me at the crossroad to Vasiliki and it was a little help which I really needed. During conversation I asked if they are not from Czech republic because of their accent and immediately we started to speak in my native language because they were from city close to my hometown 😀 (The world is small).

Problem happened in a while when they left me from the car.. It wasn’t on the crossroad to Vasiliki but it was just above the beach Porto Katsiki. So at least I bought a two bottles in restaurant there and went back on the crossroad to Vasiliki and then back to Hotel..




THE END of Cape Lefkadas adventure 🙂

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