Essays to be written

Úterý, 17 prosince, 2019

We are texting, writing short answers, but has anyone already got an idea that we will not leave here behind our existence nothing but a mess this way? I would like to start a new trend by this post. Trend which will follow work of philosophers who were alone in their minds looking for answers, wisely thinking about consequences of existence to be ready to find the answers. So what do I really want to make? I want to push you to give some time in your life to write an essay because if you are able to write, then no obstacle is on your way then there is nothing else than laziness what can stop you. Simply everything is topic for essay. I want to say that humanity has fond of essays from famous writers, philosophers, and so but people are being born and dying and many times there happens that there is born brilliant mind but as such can stay undiscovered. Can you imagine how many benefits, points of view this could give us? Many of us were pushed to write essay at school, yes but in my opinion for being able to write a real Essay it is important to be in weiting mode which make you able to look on topic which you choose from correct perspectives. I recommend to do this to everyone, but remember that best essay it the essay which is written by free mind not under pressure.

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