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Essays to be written

Úterý, 17 prosince, 2019

We are texting, writing short answers, but has anyone already got an idea that we will not leave here behind our existence nothing but a mess this way? I would like to start a new trend by this post. Trend which will follow work of philosophers who were alone in their minds looking for answers, wisely thinking about consequences of existence to be ready to find the answers. So what do I really want to make? I want to push you to give some time in your life to write an essay because if you are able to write, then no obstacle is on your way then there is nothing else than laziness what can stop you. Simply everything is topic for essay. I want to say that humanity has fond of essays from famous writers, philosophers, and so but people are being born and dying and many times there happens that there is born brilliant mind but as such can stay undiscovered. Can you imagine how many benefits, points of view this could give us? Many of us were pushed to write essay at school, yes but in my opinion for being able to write a real Essay it is important to be in weiting mode which make you able to look on topic which you choose from correct perspectives. I recommend to do this to everyone, but remember that best essay it the essay which is written by free mind not under pressure.

Absurd effort to control life

Neděle, 8 prosince, 2019

Harder you will try to manage your life… harder you will suffer. But when you let it be… you will notice that everything goes by and it will make you feel amazed.

Giving away

Čtvrtek, 1 prosince, 2016

Do you really know the feeling that you want give this life everything you can and more than the others? I had this feeling first time when I was much younger than now, but I wasn’t sure what I really feel.

I can only show you.. the result is on you all.

But it was pure – absolutely pure essence of giving. I know that this feeling (emotion).. who knows.. But it helped me to write my first poem and to compose my first song. Feelings like this can change the world and make it best place for life but it depends on everyone from us. We should act on our surroudings not through our senses but through these fascinating feelings which are in our hearts so deep (you know what I mean). In this age you can see around that words are loosing meanings, because of irony, profanities and so many others. That is not good!

Great ROCKer in child body?

Pátek, 22 července, 2016

His name is Taz Niederauer and at the age of ten he was performing in Ellen DeGeneres Show and also he made interview for Guitar Player Magazine in 2016. Now he is playing in musical School of Rock and although it is unbeliveable he made performance also with Buddy Guy or Scorpions band! For me he is legend even now. I want in this article introduce you to his fabulous distinctive playing style which is close to Jimi Hendrix. Here is his website:

@NiederauerMusic #TAZ #BrandonNiederauer


Sparkling 19th of June 2016

Neděle, 19 června, 2016

Porta of fantasy

Hello my dear loving one. Today was changeable weather and I was in Svitavy town where I visited my parents. In the morning after breakfast I felt like I want to play on my electric guitar so immediately I pulled it out from package, connected to combo and started to play. Like ussualy I started with song All Along The Watch Tower with Jimi Hendrix original from youtube/speakers and then I played it by myself in my own style.

I can subscribe it like a kiss from inspiration because into my head come words which in their natural succession formed into rhymes.

I combined some tabs and then I decided to press, hold and make shotly zigzag with my little finger. Sound which my loving Gibson gave me was fantastic so I practiced it a bit and I found that All Along The Watch Tower sounds very differently with this zig-zag and it sounds very interesting 🙂 I was happy so I played a bit continued with Sultans of Swing (from Dire Straits) and then songs from Beatles a bit (Because and Circles). After I looked at the time and because it was already time for having lunch I packed my guitar and switched off combo. It vas very interesting what came to my head in the next moment and I think I can subscribe it like a kiss from inspiration because into my head come words which in their natural succession formed into rhymes. I love this moments, because I really love to write and compose everything what give a sense. In the afternoon after lunch made by my loving mom I went to visit my grandparents, where my grandma offered me a cake and water with elderberry juice. We were talking a bit I fondled their black-brown cat called Cherry and I went to catch the train to Brno town. Journey was fine and felt shorter than ussualy then I walked home and kissed my loving wife. I think so days like this are real spice of life.