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Essays to be written

Úterý, 17 prosince, 2019

We are texting, writing short answers, but has anyone already got an idea that we will not leave here behind our existence nothing but a mess this way? I would like to start a new trend by this post. Trend which will follow work of philosophers who were alone in their minds looking for answers, wisely thinking about consequences of existence to be ready to find the answers. So what do I really want to make? I want to push you to give some time in your life to write an essay because if you are able to write, then no obstacle is on your way then there is nothing else than laziness what can stop you. Simply everything is topic for essay. I want to say that humanity has fond of essays from famous writers, philosophers, and so but people are being born and dying and many times there happens that there is born brilliant mind but as such can stay undiscovered. Can you imagine how many benefits, points of view this could give us? Many of us were pushed to write essay at school, yes but in my opinion for being able to write a real Essay it is important to be in weiting mode which make you able to look on topic which you choose from correct perspectives. I recommend to do this to everyone, but remember that best essay it the essay which is written by free mind not under pressure.

Absurd effort to control life

Neděle, 8 prosince, 2019

Harder you will try to manage your life… harder you will suffer. But when you let it be… you will notice that everything goes by and it will make you feel amazed.

Walking trip from Vasiliki to Cape Lefkadas

Neděle, 25 srpna, 2019

At first I want to appologize because I almost forgot that I have this blog and now I survived a great adventure and I want to notch it somewhere. So how it started..

At first I was planning some vacation and because of I love sea and nature it didn’t took me a long time to decide for Lefkada. Always during planning such vacation I start also to search for some places which would be attractive for me to visit (And who doesn’t?).

I found that on the south of Lefkada island is beautiful nature with a few most beautiful beaches on the world. What is more: there is cape with lighthouse and because of lighthouses I was always fascinated by I decided to spend one day for walk trip there.

So here you have my journey displayed by uncle czech (because there I found shortcut how to get there againts the google maps):walk_trip_Vasiliki_Cape_Lefkadas
From Start to „Cíl“ (czech End) it had
to take me 4h 49m and it had to be
14km long journey.

People kept repeating me that there was someone injured by falling rocks and that it is very dangerous to use this „shortcut“ but other way would take me about 9km more and I wanted to take shortest path. So one day I made up my mind and I went..


And weather there 25. 7. 2019 was really merciless (about 40 Celsius degrees):
Soon I was thinking about
I will die there but I was ready for everything…
2x 2liters of cold water
for refreshment and some small snack (salami
and two pieces of bread).

I went for about 2 hours and I got such view (zoom it to see that white point – lighthouse):


Maybe you would say that I am mad, but I love to spend my vacation this way. To touch my limits..

At the start of my journey there joined me two Italians from Rimini which I made conversation with and they told me that they go also on Cape Lefkadas 😀
Even when during my „photo-stops“ they disappeared to me it was nice to have somebody to walk with there for a while (later I got information that they went
a different way than me). So then I walked alone..

And I was getting closer to the lighthouse 😛 …and then VICTORY!
It was awesome there and belive or not.. I met there a few people from my native country but of course they was there by rented car.


I ate salami there leaning back on a lighthouse, made a couple photos and I put my photo from my wallet (as a proof that I was there) into small chapel (or how to call it) under the lighthouse close to the parking place and I went back.img_20190725_130908pano_20190725_122817
Maybe I looked like I was dying and true was that I only had a quarter of a bottle with water and I was kind starting to struggle. There were three cars which stopped and offered me some help 🙂 So it made me start to belive in moral people again. First people offered me to take me into Vasiliki, but I declined because I wanted to pass this adventure by myself. People from second car wass offering me bottle of cold water – I declined because of it would make me to admit defeat. I walked a bit more, tried to pass some path which looked alike a shortcut but I had to return on the road soon because it really wasn’t and I hurted my legs with spiny shrubs. I passed many spider nets and walked around many goats and their poops (there are many goats on this way).

When I returned on the road with a little bloody legs last car I haven’t declined, because they offered me to take me at the crossroad to Vasiliki and it was a little help which I really needed. During conversation I asked if they are not from Czech republic because of their accent and immediately we started to speak in my native language because they were from city close to my hometown 😀 (The world is small).

Problem happened in a while when they left me from the car.. It wasn’t on the crossroad to Vasiliki but it was just above the beach Porto Katsiki. So at least I bought a two bottles in restaurant there and went back on the crossroad to Vasiliki and then back to Hotel..




THE END of Cape Lefkadas adventure 🙂

Giving away

Čtvrtek, 1 prosince, 2016

Do you really know the feeling that you want give this life everything you can and more than the others? I had this feeling first time when I was much younger than now, but I wasn’t sure what I really feel.

I can only show you.. the result is on you all.

But it was pure – absolutely pure essence of giving. I know that this feeling (emotion).. who knows.. But it helped me to write my first poem and to compose my first song. Feelings like this can change the world and make it best place for life but it depends on everyone from us. We should act on our surroudings not through our senses but through these fascinating feelings which are in our hearts so deep (you know what I mean). In this age you can see around that words are loosing meanings, because of irony, profanities and so many others. That is not good!

Great ROCKer in child body?

Pátek, 22 července, 2016

His name is Taz Niederauer and at the age of ten he was performing in Ellen DeGeneres Show and also he made interview for Guitar Player Magazine in 2016. Now he is playing in musical School of Rock and although it is unbeliveable he made performance also with Buddy Guy or Scorpions band! For me he is legend even now. I want in this article introduce you to his fabulous distinctive playing style which is close to Jimi Hendrix. Here is his website:

@NiederauerMusic #TAZ #BrandonNiederauer


Why I make photos of statues

Středa, 6 dubna, 2016

Weird?! No, really. I started to make photographs of statues few years ago here in Brno town.

Everything started in park „Lužánky“ in centre. There is beautiful fountain with statues of small angels. I must say that I thought it will be nice photo. I made it with colors but much more I like greyscale photo.


Next one I made near to the center behind philharmonic. It is very realistic statue of woman with ancient features.

Soon afterthis shot I decided that I will make more photos. In this time I started to look around and I found many beautiful objects which fill my desire. Also I think so it is not necessary to make these photos only in Brno town. You can see in my collection photos from different destinations like Svitavy, Polička, Litomyšl etc. Here are a few of them.

20160326_125216  20160326_131736



Only month after Twitter launch

Pátek, 11 prosince, 2015

twitter-iconI will not lie to you. After the month Twitter had started, I was a computer geek (till today) who was gasping for useful and senseful innovations on the Internet. At the same time online video streaming was beginning. It was beginning of closer contact through which passed the Internet into a new phase of its existence. It’s such a simple carousel which is still turning and everyone dumps inertia somewhere else. My goal was (and still is) to raise awareness and to synchronize with the world and reality, as far as it goes. I will not lie, I was a teenager and I wanted to meet a girl I would get along with and that motivated me too.

On which is now I received (don’t remember from whom) a reference to Twitter, so I registered. After x years I found out on that I was the first one from our country. I wasn’t much surprised. I am online all the time, not for the amount of the information that accumulate here, but mainly for topicality and possibilities which are expanding in time. I tell you, this does not end that way, but it’s expanding and it is difficult to determine its direction, because it already engulfed us and I can say that we have become largely it’s part. It’s not about what someone uploads on the Internet, but who is this person.

Do Think.

Pouhý měsíc po spuštění Twitteru

Nebudu vám lhát, tou dobou jsem byl stejně jako dodnes nadšencem, který lapal na internetu po novinkách, co by mi dávaly smysl. V té době začínaly video streamy na webu a byl to začátek těsnějšího kontaktu, díky kterému přecházel internet do nové fáze své existence. Je to takový jednoduchý kolotoč, který se stále točí a každého odmrští setrvačností někam jinam. Mým cílem bylo a je dozvídat se více a synchronizovat se se světem a realitou, jak nejvíce to jde. Nebudu vám lhát, byl jsem dospívající a chtěl jsem se seznámit s dívkou, se kterou bych si rozuměl a to mě také motivovalo.

Na, která je dnes, jsem dostal, už ani nevím od koho, odkaz na Twitter, tak jsem se registroval. Hle, po x letech jsem na zjistil, že jsem byl tehdy první v ČR. Moc mě to nepřekvapuje. Sedím u internetu pořád, ne pro množství informací, které se zde hromadí, ale hlavně aktuálnosti
a možnosti, které se v závislosti na čase rozšiřují. Řeknu vám to takhle: ta cesta nekončí, jen se rozšiřuje, a proto je těžké určit její směr, neboť nás už obklopila a dá se říci, že nás již z větší části tvoří. Už to není o tom, co kdo na internet dá, ale o tom, co v dotyčném člověku je.


Reappraisal value of human lives

Sobota, 10 ledna, 2015

We can’t be calm in our daily routine, when last few days hinted us so much creepy evil. I think the time for reappraise value of human lives has come. I am going to show you one of my drafts for your consideration. Islamic state is just gang of crazy fanatics building their faith on us the OTHERS! I am saying this: Every human life could be reappraised depend on how much he is suggestible. Actually it is easy to observe who has similar opinions and depending on how we perceive these opinions (thoughts, faith, or other) aren’t hard to distinguish from evil. So if the gang will grow and if will go by the way that is forcing them to kill others then their value should be negligible. It this cases should court or other institution determine their punishment or the way how to eliminate this problem. I think that we has been quite lenient.

I vote for restruction of this system.

Síla knih / Power of books

Úterý, 6 ledna, 2015

Nejspíš tento článek nebude nic převratného, nicméně rozhodl jsem se ho sem napsat, jednak protože jsem dlouho nic nepublikoval a jednak mně osobně se jeví tato problematika jako dost živá a řekl bych i podstatná.

Problem of free will

Díky tomu, že jsem v poslední době narazil na pár autorů, kteří mne zaujali, začal jsem více času věnovat knihám (Bergson, Henri; Green, Brian) a napadla mě celkem záludná myšlenka:

Do jaké míry ovlivňují naše myšlení knihy náš vlastní úsudek a do jaké míry jsme to stále ještě my, kdo uvažujeme nad danou problematikou?

Je to stále ještě náš svobodný úsudek? Z vlastní zkušenosti mohu říci, že mívám celkem dost nepříjemný pocit, že myšlenky, které se mi honí hlavou, když nad problematikou probíranou v knize přemýšlím s odstupem času, nejsou mé vlastní, ale jsou to nevyhnutelně myšlenky implikované právě myšlenkami spisovatele, který svou práci takto zformuloval. Mám z toho pocit, že mi takto knihy upírají právo přemýšlet svobodně. V dnešní době masmediálních reklam se mi zdá tato problematika jako dost věrohodná, neboť jistě každý z nás má nějakou zkušenost s ovlivňováním vlastního úsudku. Tedy hlavní otázkou kterou bych zde rad vyslovil je:

Je dnes skutečně ještě možné myslet (rozhodovat se) svobodně?

Co je to vlastně absolutní svoboda mysli a je něco takového v dnešním světě vůbec možné? Nemyslím, že by bylo nepodstatné, že uvažuji zrovna tímto směrem, poněvadž na svobodnou vůli, když si uvědomíte, jsme odkázáni i v nejchoulostivějších situacích a to je v současném kapitalistickém pojetí světa velmi ošidné, až bych řekl nebezpečné. Nejspíše tomuto tématu budu věnovat více prostoru nejen zde na blogu, ale v mé mysli, poněvadž bych rád přispěl k svobodě každého z nás a také bych rád dal každému možnost, aby se sám rozhodl, jakou mírou se ovlivnit nechá a kolik prostoru dá svým vlastním rozhodnutím.

Return of Nikola Tesla

Čtvrtek, 24 července, 2014

The discoverer

There were many people before us, many varied people, who were living their lives with, or without faith. Many people have dreams to became famous, rich (maybe I can say everyone without a small set of entirely different people). How you feel, this is a part when I will write his name… but his name was the most unimportant thing. People are often using unique names, words, symbols for their own profit and that is how it works on the Earth. One man was different, that is the important thing! He understand so everything is unity and so nothing even money can’t separate one man from rest.
I found this his quote:

Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance.

If you became interested in this man, here is a link to his biography: autobiography. There you can read about him, I think it is time that visions of this man should return!